What Is a Temporary Workers Agency?

A temporary euworkers.fr workers agency is a company that matches companies with temporary employees for short-term assignments. Staffing agencies provide employers with a pool of candidates for a variety of job positions, from office staff to manufacturing production line workers and security guards. They also supply skilled temporary workers for project-based work. Temporary workers are typically employed by the staffing agency, with the client company hiring them out for specific jobs and assuming legal obligations towards the temp worker (such as workplace health and safety).

The recruitment process at a temporary agency involves conducting basic interviews to shortlist candidates. Afterwards, each candidate must undergo health tests, background checks, and other verification checks. Once hired, a temporary worker can be assigned to different client companies depending on demand. The agency can also monitor the performance of a temp worker and ensure compliance with labor laws.

How Temporary Workers Agencies Can Help During Seasonal Peaks

In the US, temporary staffing agencies employ over a million workers. More than half of these are women and over a third are black or Hispanic. These workers are more likely to be employed in low-wage positions, with the most common jobs being customer service and sales. They are also more likely to be employed in non-union industries. In addition, the use of temp workers can be used by management as a divide-and-conquer strategy against unionizing workers and dampening wage demands.

A study conducted by Temp Worker Justice in partnership with worker and advocacy groups, including Chicago Workers Collaborative, Illinois Warehouse Workers for Justice, New Jersey Warehouse Workers’ Center for Human Rights, Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights, Warehouse Workers for Justice (Illinois), National Employment Law Project, and others, found that temps face a range of challenges. These include: