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In a phantasmagorical Venice

Images come to life and enliven the architecture of the rooms according to the music, creating an enormous fresco made of signs, forms and colours. An incredible journey to discover the composer of The Four Seasons. An invitation to explore his music and his world.

See the music, hear the pictures

For the first time in Italy, a video-mapping indoor show made of immersive HD images, surround sound and special scent effects. A unique sensorial experience to unveil the mystery of Vivaldi’s extraordinary talent and his innovative style.

Genius and Mystery

Priest, producer, expert violinist, composer and educator Who was Antonio Vivaldi really? An insane inspired man? One of the first big music stars? Who were the girls of the Pietà for whom he composed with passion transforming them into musicians and artists?

Antonio Vivaldi, the Red Priest

Venetian composer (1678-1741), he wrote the Four Seasons which are one among the most performed and recorded pieces ever. He composed almost 600 concertos, operas and sonatas. He inspired countless composers from Bach to rock, rap and heavy metal artists.

An Homage to Vivaldi

An evocative story about the man and the artist Antonio Vivaldi and the mystery of his extraordinary composing skills, produced by Emotional Experiences.

In the heart of Venice

Viva Vivaldi, The Four Seasons Mystery is located at the Museo Diocesano, just behind the Basilica di San Marco and not far from Il Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sights).